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Are you worried about protecting your home from plumbing problems? Do you hate the idea of unexpected and costly repairs?

We get it! We understand how a plumbing emergency can quickly cause worry and stress for homeowners.

Because we are dedicated to our clients and want to do what we can to help them keep their plumbing in the best possible shape, we are offering The Diamond Club private membership service.

For only a few pennies a day, you can give yourself peace of mind, knowing your home plumbing is protected.

Call us now to find out how: 303-758-6437 The Diamond Club is an exclusive membership club that is limited to only a small percentage of our clients. Only 22% of our clients are able to take advantage of this incredible offer, due to the workload it entails for our plumbers.

This offer is only available to homeowners who are dedicated to the upkeep and protection of their home.

If you love your home and want to keep it protected from unexpected plumbing problems, then this club is perfect for you! The Diamond Club will bring you less worries and more security for the health of your home's plumbing.

We are currently offering the exclusive The Diamond Club for only $7.95 per month!
Call us now to enroll:

With The Diamond Club membership you will receive yearly:

  • Toilets checks for leaks and proper operation, with FREE adjustments
  • Faucets tests and passing of our strict "Performance Test", with FREE adjustments
  • Exposed water lines inspection for damage
  • Under sink piping checks for signs of any water damage
  • Drains tests for clogs and leaks
  • Hoses and valves on washing machine inspection
  • Water heater checks for leaks, safety, and corrosion signs
In addition, your questions and concerns are always answered and if you need us, you go to the front of the line!

In the event that you are in need of a plumbing service, with The Diamond Club membership you will never need to wait more than 2 hours for an experienced plumber to arrive at your home.

You are at the top of our appointments for the day!

As a member of The Diamond Club you will receive a 25% discount on all repairs! Plus, you receive a 2 year guarantee on all replacements and repairs.

Think it can't get any better? Think again!

The Diamond Club accumulates your monthly dues for the first 30 months. What does this mean? During the first 30 months, all of your monthly dues accumulated can be credited towards a purchase or cost of service. This means that all of the money you put towards your membership during the first 30 months goes towards something you need, resulting in a FREE membership during that time.

Our promise to you is to reduce your stress regarding your plumbing needs

When you become a member of The Diamond Club, you are protected from annoyances of common plumbing issues. If a problem occurs, you don't need to wait around for a plumber to arrive, because you will be placed on the top of our list. You receive priority service when you need it most! If you move, you can transfer your membership to your new home, or transfer it to your new home owner.

Our goal is to make plumbing easy for you.

Are you ready to enroll?
Sign up now, so you can begin to receive your peace of mind:

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